I graduated from UCLA in 1970 with a degree in Art History and then earned my California Teaching Credential from UCLA in 1972. After teaching 4th grade in the inner city for 2 years I moved to Santa Barbara and founded the Santa Barbara Center for Educational Therapy. In 1989, with a desire to return to the public schools, I was fortunate to be hired as a school librarian and I’m starting my 21st year at Cold Spring School. I have always been a bookworm and love teaching so this is the perfect job for me!

Janet Reid, Librarian

Cold Spring School

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  1. I have checked your website out now and again and I think you are a wonderful librarian! I actually used some of your ideas when I was starting out in elem 10 years ago. Today I am 1 and 1/2 years in middle school……a pretty big change (but in some ways…..not)! My question…..do you have any template or ideas how to do library jeopardy game with 6th or 7th graders?
    Thank you for your help and inspiration!
    Debbie McCormack

  2. Suzanne VanderKlipp says:

    Janet, out of ALL the elementary library blogs there are to choose from, I love yours the best! I am an avid follower of yours. You are an incredible role model for all librarians, even as our hours are getting cut. Since mine are down as well, I feel an even greater need to make sure my lesson plans for the week are not only meaningful, but educational. Whenever possible, I try to collaborate with our teachers and tie things in with what they are teaching at the time.

    While I love all of your posts about technology and have either tried your ideas or passed many recommendations on to my staff, I miss hearing what you are reading (and why) to your students on a weekly basis. I am sure I am not the only one that have used these as a foundation for my own lesson plans. Every week would give me spectacular ideas and I would often times even use some of your same book selections. I was also able to use some of your book choices for purchasing books for our library collection.

    I realize it took you a great amount of time to do this, but if you should ever consider doing this again, I am certain many, including myself, would be thrilled! It’s more important than ever to share with our peers. You inspired me to do this with our librarians in our district. I form my lesson plan for the week, then send it not only to the other LMP”s, but to my staff. The staff loves knowing what to expect and will often comment or make a special request. I also post it on our school’s Facebook page so parents know what is happening in our school library.

    So, Thank You for all you do. You continue to touch many lives…not only those of your fortunate students, but other librarians aspiring to be the best at what we do.

    Gratefully yours, Suzanne VanderKlipp

    • Suzanne,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They came at just the right time. I must confess that I got a little overwhelmed these past two years by being on special assignment to implement ipads in the classrooms as well as doing my regular library duties, all in three days a week and one extra day a month. I had to cut back on something, and I thought the blog was the place. To be honest I wasn’t sure if it was really being read that much. The good news is I am finished with my special assignment and looking forward to being able to focus on just the Library again next year. Your comment made me realize that the blog is an important part of what I do as a teacher and librarian. So after a summer off, I will be back in September with those weekly posts on what we do in the Library. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I was very touched by it.


  3. Vicki Stoltz says:

    You have been a wonderful inspiration to so many of us. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your Library blog. I have incorporated many lessons into my classes. I would love to know more about how you used Bamboo Paper and Explain Everything into your lessons.

  4. Laura Fanucchi says:

    Dear Janet,

    I agree with everyone that your blog is so wonderful and full of inspiration! We are just getting ipads in our library and I LOVE the information and ideas that you have shared! I also love how you share the discussions you have with your students on certain books. Never boring in the library because we have so much flexibility. I’m wondering if you share any of your ipad or 3,2,1 task cards? And can you explain how you use some of your Visible Thinking Routines ie. The Connection Game, Break the Chain, etc. I didn’t see anything on TPT.
    Thanks so much for sharing all that you do. You really are such a big help to so many 🙂

    Laura Fanucchi

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