News From the Library–March 20, 2015


Our Winner!!!!!!!

We have a winner!  Our Cold Spring School choice for the California Young Reader Medal 2014-15 is Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse and wonderfully illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.  This is a clever and entertaining book that chronicles the trials and tribulations of the exclamation mark from his being flummoxed to making his mark in the world.

In the Library….


Kindergarten–In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, Kindergarteners heard Alice Schertle’s lovely little book, Jeremy Bean’s St. Patrick’s Day.  It tells the story of a boy who forgets to wear green and after some difficult moments, finds an ally in the school principal.  No one in Kindergarten forgot to wear green on Tuesday!


First Grade–One of our favorites, Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian, was a hit with this year’s first graders.  Goldfish is fine with his somewhat boring life and then one day with intruder after intruder comes to his bowl things begin to change.  Fed up, he wants his own bowl but finds he actually misses all his “family.”  Thankfully, he ends up back in a much bigger space–a fish tank–and even finds a romantic interest!!


Second Grade–Continuing with two of our favorite character, Lola and Charlie, we read But Excuse Me, That Is My Book by Lauren Child.  Lola loves, loves, loves a library book called Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies and if horrified when someone else checks it out.  Charlie tried to get her interested in other book to no avail until finally he comes up with a winner, Cheetahs and Chimpanzees.  We used our visible thinking routine called Plot Prediction to predict what would happen in the story based on the text.


Third Grade–Our sixth grade play this year is Cinderella and with the movie also coming out, it was fun to read Wish Bones by Barbara Ker Wilson, an ancient Chinese version of the Cinderella story. We used the Visible Thinking Routine called the Connection Game and talked about how the plot was connected to other Cinderella stories.

Fourth Grade–Fourth Graders finished up their Non-fiction text feature hunt packet.

Fifth Grade–We talked about evaluation of online sources by watching a great little video on Brain Pop.  After taking the quiz as a group, I showed them a few websites and we evaluated them together.  I had some good sites and some bogus sites.  They especially liked Save the Northwest Tree Octopus and Buy Dehydrated Water and I was surprised and heartened at how quickly they saw through both of these sites.

Sixth grade missed library this week due to assemblies and parent conference early dismissal.


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