News From the Library–March 6, 2015


Shadow Puppet

This week I introduced students in grades 4-6 to a wonderful app called Shadow Puppet.  It’s a free app with amazing potential for students to use to demonstrate learning and for creative projects.  It’s very easy to use and the students loved it.  The project they did related to non-fiction text features and after choosing a non-fiction book, they phot0graphed 4 features.  Then they narrated each photograph explaining what the feature was and how it helped them when reading a non-fiction book.  When they finished they emailed their work to me.  We do have headphones with microphones but actually the built-in mic on the iPad minis worked just as well for this project.

Here’s the task card they used:


Also in the Library this week:

Kindergarten:  Kindergarteners enjoyed Three Bears In A Boat by David Soman.  This is a charming story about three bears who break their mother’s blue sea shell while trying to get some (forbidden) honey.  They then set out to find her another and adventures follow as well as a lot of sibling bickering which students could relate to.  This is a lovely story about taking responsibility for actions and telling the truth.  The ending is so sweet and underscores the depth of love of mother love and forgiveness. The illustrations are beautiful and the large format of the book make it a perfect read aloud for this age group.

Grades 1-3:  We continued our California Young Reader Medal nominees and this week two classes have voted.  So far, one book seems to be pulling ahead as our favorite.  (but I won’t reveal that yet….)


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