News From the Library–Feb. 13, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day!

For a little background for Valentine’s Day, fifth graders heard Cupid and Psyche retold by M. Charlotte Craft.  This illustrations in the book are so beautiful.  I made slides of each in Keynote and projected them while I read the story.  Students enjoyed doing the Visible Thinking Routine called The Connection Game to find similarities to fairy tales and other literature.  We came up with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumplestiltskin and even Romero and Juliet!

Also in the Library this week…

Kindergarten–When I asked Kindergarteners if they had ever been told not to jump on their bed, all hands went up.  So they had a lot to relate to in Tedd Arnold’s No More Jumping on the Bed.  I used the original version of the book because next week we are reading No More Water In the Tub and I wanted to illustration style to match. These are such fun and always a hit with this age group.

Grades 1-3–We continued reading our California Young Reader Medal Nominees.

Grade 4–Fourth graders worked on locating non-fiction text features after seeing a Keynote.  They did a short worksheet in which they located a non-fiction book, then found and recorded each of 6 non-fiction text features in that book.  Next week they will start their non-fiction text feature hunt which is an assignment that will take a few weeks to complete.

Grade 6–I continued reading Patricia Polocco’s January’s Sparrow.


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