News From the Library–Jan. 23, 2015


The Three Snow Bears

We are so very fortunate to have this wonderful technology to use in our Library.  This week first graders heard The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.  I projected it on our flat screen TV from We Give Books and it makes a read aloud story so interesting and accessible to the children, especially one with beautiful illustrations like this one.  We used the Thinking Routine called Same, Same, Different to compare this version with the more well known version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Also in the Library this week….(a short week)


Second Grade–If you want a great read aloud, here’s one for you.  How to Train Your Train by Jason Carter Eaton is a perfect mix of an engaging fun-filled story, a procedural text, topped off with incredible illustrations by John Rocco.  After doing the Thinking Routine See Think Wonder students loved this tongue-in-cheek guide to having a train as a pet.  A good chance to discuss homonyms, too.


Third Grade–This week students watched a book app called Where Do Balloon Go? by Jamie Lee Curtis.  This is a delightful app….. but…..this is not a good one to use as a read aloud.  It has far too much interactivity and the narrative storyline gets lost in the shuffle.  I used it purposely to illustrate one of the drawbacks of a book app when compared to a book.  Not to say it isn’t wonderfully entertaining, but it is much better used as a single user.  It’s on our library iPads and the students loved exploring it on their own.


Fourth Grade–One of my favorite tall tales is Swamp Angel by Anne Isaacs and incredibly illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky.  We started out by talking about the characteristics of a tall tale and then noticed them as I read the book aloud.

Fifth Grade–Students did one of our favorite library scavenger hunts called BOOKS.

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