News From the Library–Oct. 17, 2014


Halloween is on the way! 

This week we started reading Halloween stories.  First graders loved Halloween House by Erica Silverman and had such a good time counting down as well as using the Visible Thinking Routine called Word Detective.  They figured out words like, debris and askew by using context clues and clues from the illustrations.

Halloween night

Second graders heard Halloween Night by Marjorie Dennis Murray and enjoyed the fantastic illustrations.  They did Visible Thinking Routine called Plot Prediction to hypothesize what would happen to the tricksters after they discovered a haunted house full of creepy creatures who wanted them to come in for a Halloween party.

pumpkin soup

Though not a Halloween story per se, third graders loved hearing Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.  They used the Thinking Routine, Fluttering Feelings, to trace the changes in the feelings of the characters in the story.  There are such nice themes in the this book as well….letting others be themselves, friendship, and compromise.


one halloween night

Fourth graders heard Marc Teague’s great Halloween story, One Halloween Night. The large, detailed illustrations in this book make it a perfect read aloud for this age and the thinking routine we used was Word Detective.  Students figured out the meaning of “old wives’ tales,” saber, and guffawed, to mention a few.



Fifth and Sixth graders became Non-Fiction Text Detectives this week as they worked in teams on a packet that requiresd them to find different text features in non-fiction books.  In addition to finding a noting where the feature came from, students wrote why that particular feature helps them learn or makes finding the information easier.

6th hunte

text hunt




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