News From the Library–Oct. 3, 2014



This week in the Library was all about spiders!  On display is our collection spider books and grades K -2 enjoyed reading informational text about spiders or fiction with spiders as the main character.  Kindergarten loved Eric Carle’s classic, The Very Busy Spider.   Aaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks was a first grade favorite about a spider who wants a family to overcome their fear of spiders and make her their pet.  Second graders first watched/read an article on PebbleGo about spiders and then heard Diane Cronin’s hilarious Diary of a Spider.  Third graders read a book app together as it was projected on our TV.  This one, as seen below, is a great one available from National Geographic and available for Kindle.


Fourth, fifth and sixth graders really enjoyed going on a Library Scavenger Hunt this week, searching for genres, books, non-fiction titles, and biographies.


6th scavenger hunt


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