News from the Library–Sep. 26, 2014


Battle of the Books


This week fourth, fifth and sixth graders learned about the Battle of the Books, a program sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Office of Education.  Although the Battle takes place April 29, 2015, I like to introduce it in the fall so students get a chance to read as many of the 30 books on the Battle list as possible.  In January we will have lunch meetings to discuss and practice the Battle questions and a team of 5 will be chosen.



Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates

First graders loved Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates.  After the story we used our story telling rope to re-tell the story.  Students related the setting, main characters, the beginning, middle, and end, the problem, and the solution.  Having our “rope” is a great way to keep students on track when retelling a story.


Second graders had fun doing a Visible Thinking Routine called Same, Same, Different when comparing today’s story app, Even Monsters Get Sick, and a “real” book, or a “book book” as we call it.  I loved one comment:  “Reading on the iPad is different because you can’t stop and text with a book.”

library-lionLibrary Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen is one of my favorite read alouds and third graders loved this book.  First I showed them a Keynote presentation I made about the lions at the NYC Public Library.  Then we used the Visible Thinking Routine called Fluttering Feelings to track how the characters changed from the beginning of the story to the end.

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