News from the Library–Sep. 19, 2014


The Magic of Books


Second graders this week worked on a Visible Thinking Routine called Symbol Search.  This can be a bit of stretch for beginning of the year second graders but after spending quite a bit of time discussing this illustration from Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook by Michael Garland they began to understand.  Books can take you on adventures.  Characters can seem real.  You can make a “movie in your head.”  And they thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of this great read aloud book.


First Graders loved Finklehopper Frog by Irene Livingston.  They listened for the rhyming and we talked about the big idea of the story….everyone can do things in their own way and all have value.

Third Graders learned how to use our computer catalog this week.  They are excited about being able to find books on their own in our library.

Fourth and Fifth Graders took a little survey this week to find out “What Kind of Superhero Reader Are You?  They really enjoyed figuring out what their “reading personality” is.  I got this from a fantastic website, A Book And A Hug.  After taking the survey they perused the website based on their results, and then looked to see if we had some of the books in our Library.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Sixth Graders did Speed Dating for Books this week.  I set out stacks of books from all genres on three tables and divided them into three teams.  They had 5 minutes to “meet” the books on the table, then they switched tables until they had rotated to all three.  If they found a book that wanted to have a “longer relationship” with, they checked it out and found a place to read quietly while others did all three rotations.  It was a lot of fun and everyone left with a book this week!



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