Book Care Week


This week all classes reviewed book care and how to avoid the common problems when library books mix with things that harm them.  I have a backpack and in it are common items, some of which are good to have with library books, some of which are not so good.  Using a thumbs up, thumbs down approach we discuss each one.  Having these concrete examples really seems to help students understand how accidents can happen.



I showed students my collection of books that had sadly met their demise through a variety of misfortunes.  The really love seeing these!  And it makes quite an impression on them.

This week we also started our rotation on the iPad minis.  Each class is divided into teams of 4 students and each week those 4 have time to use the iPads during out silent reading time.  This first rotation gives them the chance to simply explore the apps I have put on the iPads.  In future weeks, I will have short assignments for them to do as well.  They really enjoy the iPads and this seems like a way to keep their use in balance and make sure all have time to use them.




2 comments on “Book Care Week

  1. Marie says:

    What apps are you using particularly for grades K through 2? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Marie-

    For drawing and collage: Doodle Buddy, Drawing Pad, Pic Collage
    For non-fiction: (on Kindle app) National Geographic Kids books
    Story books K-2: Stella and Sam series, Press Here, Frankie Frog, Frankie Spider, Mr. Wolf, The 3 Pandas, Noisy Nora, Teddy’s Day, Teddy’s Night, 3 Little pigs (by Nosy Crow), Wild About Books, Collins Big Cat series, Nighty Night

    Hope this helps. I’m always adding to this. Usually I’ll make a post when I add something new.


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