News from the Library–Sept. 5, 2013


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to the Library!  This week we reviewed the rules with our questions in “the hat.”

photo 3


This is a fun and easy way to go over all those boring rules.  In the hat are common questions about the library routine.  I pull out a card and we answered each one together.

Each class had a chance to check out books.  We have two wonderful new apps to help us find just the right fit book.  Literacy Leveler gives us the reading level of a book and Common Sense Media gives us suggestions about the appropriateness of the content of a book.

photo 2Literacy Leveler

photo 1Common Sense Media



Just so everyone is on the “proverbial same page” our check out rules are:

* K- one book for one week.  If a K student forgets to return their book on their Library day, they can “save” a book to check out when the original book is returned.

* 1—one book for one week (until January when the Bookworm Club begins. At that time it will change to 2 books for 1 week).

* 2—two books for two weeks

* 3—three books for two weeks

* 4—four books for two weeks

* 5—five books for two weeks

* 6—six books for two weeks

Additional books may be checked out for classroom assignments.

Books can be renewed up to 5 times and need not be physically returned to renew.  We can do it on the computer.

Here’s to a great 2014-15 school year!


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