The Library 2013-14 By the Numbers…

We are winding up a great year in the Library.

Just for fun, here’s a look at the year in the Library by the numbers.



The Library
By the Numbers

It’s been a very busy year in the Library as we balanced our love of reading with new technology and new Common Core Standards.  Here is a little summary by the numbers of what happened in our Library this year.  As of last Friday, May 23:

Books checked out—4,006

Books checked in—3,745

New books purchased—218

Birthday Books donated—27

Stories read to students—362

eBooks/BookApps read to students—18

Library Skills Lessons done—114

Visible Thinking Routines done—302

Book Club Members (First – Sixth grades)—56 (out of 153 students)

Battle of the Books Team Lunch Meetings—7

Battle of the Books—1

Times Library’s 3 iPad minis used (students rotated throughout the year)—304

Times the 21 iPads on the cart used—6

Recesses open for reading and enjoyment—228

Amount of fun and learning—endless



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