Shadow Puppets

We’ve been trying out a really fun app called Shadow Puppet.  Students in third grade made puppets today about their favorite book so far in our California Young Reader Medal Competition. We have 5 picture books to read and when we finish students will vote for their favorite.

This is Rece’s Shadow Puppet.

Shadow Puppet by Rece from cold spring. library on Vimeo.

Samantha’s Shadow Puppet

Samantha’s Shadow Puppet from cold spring. library on Vimeo.

Red Dot Book Club Book Reports



This year, Marin is our first Red Dot Book Club member to do a Book Report.  She chose one of our new book report ideas–A Book Report in a Can!  After reading the book she decorated a can to be one of the main characters in the book.  Then, using seven index cards, she wrote about the elements of the story–plot, setting, characters, problem–and added her own opinion about her favorite part.  It’s now on display in the Library for all to admire.  Thanks, Marin!

photoAngie and Jessie also did Book Reports in a Can!