News from the Library–October 7, 2013


Library Detectives


Fifth Graders were Library Detectives this week and after reviewing call numbers and spine labels using our favorite app, Bamboo Paper, students broke up into teams and went on a hunt in the library for fiction and non-fiction books.  They are becoming very adept at locating resources in our library and this was a fun way to reinforce those skills.

Also in the Library this week…..

Kindergarten–There are spiders in the Library (books and decorations that is) and after talking a bit about spiders Kindergarteners heard one of their favorite books, The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  This is such a lovely, simple book but it never fails to capture their imaginations and attention.  We did the Visible Thinking Routine called Plot Predictions and they used their inference skills to predict what would happen at the end of the story.

photo 1photo 2

First Grade–In first grade we talked about the literary device, Point of View, and used a Visible Thinking Routine called Circle of Viewpoints as we read the hilarious story Aarrgghh! Spider by Lydia Monks.  This is the story of a little spider who wants to become the family pet and it’s told from the spider’s point of view.  We imagined the story from the spider’s point of view, and the people’s point of view, and compared the two.

Second Grade–After seeing a presentation on spiders on Bamboo Paper and getting to “write” on my iPad, second graders heard Diane Cronin’s funny story, Diary of a Spider.  Seeing the information about spiders first made all the jokes all the more funny to them.  Plus, we love using our iPad!

Third Grade-  Third graders reviewed Non Fiction Text Features this week.  After a demonstration, they took the iPad and were instructed to find each feature in a book and project it on the TV.  This was a fun and motivating way to cover a not too exciting, but necessary lesson.

Fourth Grade–Fourth graders reviewed Parts of a book this week and did an interactive lesson with our iPad.  I prepared a presentation with photographs of the different parts of a book and students used the iPad to circle or put arrows to the different parts of the book which we projected on our TV. I am trying to give students an idea of how they will be able to use their iPads to demonstrate their knowledge using an app such as Bamboo Paper.

Fifth Grade–see opening book

Sixth Grade–Sixth graders had a “study hall” this week because their library time was shortened due to the Move-A-Thon.


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