News From the Library–April 22, 2013


Non Fiction Text Features

Second graders had a lesson on non-fiction text features this week and I took advantage of the wonderful new technology I have.  I downloaded three National Geographic Young Explorer books on the Kindle App on my iPad.  Then I connected my iPad to our new TV using Apple TV.  Using Dinosaurs I could show the book and point out the text features to the entire class.  They loved it!  Next they each used a non-fiction book and located the text features we had seen on the screen.  It was motivating and so efficient to be able to project the one book on such a large screen and go over the features one by one.  I feel so fortunate to have this kind of technology to teach with!

Also in the Library this week……

Kindergarten–Oooooo...Creepy Carrots!  Kindergarteners were a little anxious about the title of Aaron Reynolds new book.  Jasper the rabbit is being stalked by his favorite snack!  This book is a winner of a Caldecott honor medal for illustrations by Peter Brown.  After hearing the story we watched a video interview with Mr. Brown in which he told how he did the illustrations.  Very interesting!

First Grade–This week first graders saw a “home grown” book on iBooks.  Rex the Cat, available from Lucky Penny Press, is the story of an orange tabby who “adopted” on of our local schools.  The illustrations are by students from the school.  I showed students the difference between an ebook and a book app and how to navigate an ebook in iBooks.  They loved the story and the illustrations.

Second Grade–see opening post

Third Grade–Chock full of similies and metaphors, Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley is a great way to talk about figurative language.  Next week we will continue to follow the adventures of a little orphan and her adoptive sheriff/dad as we read Raising Sweetness.  These are really fun to read aloud as the viewpoint character, the sheriff, has quite colorful language.

Fourth Grade–We reviewed genres this week and focused on differentiating between fairy tales, legends, and myths.  After discussing the characteristics of each genre, each student took a book from a large stack and sat down silently for 5 minutes and read.  Next, we got back together and they stood up one at a time, told if their book was a fairy tale, legend, or myth and gave evidence from the book to support their decision.

Fifth Grade–Most fifth graders were on a chorus trip to Disneyland today so we had a quiet reading day in the library.

Sixth Grade–To tie in with their social studies curriculum, sixth graders saw the amazing book app The Voyage of Ulysses by Elastico srl.  Each page has interactive features that perfectly mesh with the story.  This beautiful app was voted one of the Best of 2012 by Kirkus Review and for good reason. The graphics, the music, the voice over narration are first rate.  Watch the demo video below to get a taste.  An app well worth buying.


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