News From the Library-April 15, 2013


iPads in the Library!

As part of our iPad pilot program we now have 2 iPads in the Library.  Students in grades K and 1 have had iPads in their classrooms this year.  Now, until the end of the school year,  students in grades 2-6 will have some time to try out iPads in the Library.  This week each class had a demonstration of proper iPad “etiquette” and instruction on which apps they could try out.  I put apps in folders–one for making projects, one for book apps, one for non-fiction book apps, and the Kindle app in which I have downloaded three National Geographic Young Explorers books.  I made a calender of each class’s library times through June and scheduled two to four students each day.  This way each student will have at least one chance to use the iPad after they have checked out a book and during our silent reading time.  So far everyone is very excited!  After using the “apps of the day” that are posted on the white board, students fill out a short survey about how the iPad is the same and different from a print book and how they would use an iPad if they had one in their classroom next year.  We are going to use that information to help guide us on what we will do next year with the 30 iPads we have.

Also in the Library this week….

Kindergarten–Kindergarteners loved predicting what would happen to Homer in Reeve Lindbergh’s delightful book, Homer the Library Cat.  This little cat who loved quiet went on quite an adventure before finding the best quiet place of all–the library where his owner works.

First Grade–Do dragons love tacos?  They certainly do.  So if you are a boy who wants to have dragons around the best thing to do is have a huge taco party.  But watch out….they love tacos but not spicy salsa.  First graders loved the hilarious Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, especially when the boy forgets to read the fine print on the Mild Salsa.

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