News From the Library–March 25, 2013

Our First AudioBoo Book Report!

Click on the link above to see our first AudioBoo book report.  Katie G., a member of our Red Dot Book Club, took the plunge and recorded her book report on the Library iPad using a great little app called AudioBoo.  To make her report, Katie first filled out a “script” and practiced it.  Then we recorded it, snapped a picture of the book cover and inserted it, and then could send it to her parents, view it in Safari, and even embed it in this blog!  It can be used with a computer or there’s a nice little app available.  Lots of fun and I can imagine lots of uses!
Also in the Library this week..
Kindergarten–Kindergarteners had fun listening to The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend, one of the most perfect read aloud books in our collection.  The story is great, the illustrations are large and full of fun details, and it fits really well with a visible thinking routine called Fluttering Feelings.  After first doing another VT routine–See, Think, Wonder–where students looked carefully at a projected illustration from the book, they tracked when Jack the Cat’s feelings changed towards the eggs he had so wanted for an omelet.
First Grade–First graders heard and interacted with a book app called Dino Store and they loved trying out the interactive features.  Once again, we worked on reading and listening to the text of the story first and then trying out the features.  This is a cute story about a boy and his dad who go to the store to get eggs but end up with a dozen baby dinosaurs instead!
Second Grade–Mrs. Campbell’s class was our last class to vote and after they did we carefully counted our votes and the winner for Cold Spring School is……..We Are In A Book by Mo Willems!  We will send our count to Sacramento and wait for the state results.  All the books this year were wonderful but the cleverness of the winner tipped the scales in its favor.
Third Grade–This week we worked on discovering character traits by using the Visible Thinking Routine, Character Trait Portrait.  I posted two pictures from the book of the two main characters on the white board and we talked about what character traits were.  Then I read The Talking Eggs by Robert San Souci (which completely captivated them) and then during their silent reading time, each student came to the white board and used a small sticky note to pin around the “portrait” and on the note they wrote character traits.  At the end of library time we gathered to read them together.
Fourth Grade–no library this week due to parent conferences
Fifth Grade–This week was an introduction to two lessons we will do after Spring Break on Website Evaluation.  We saw an excellent Brain Pop movie called Online Sources and then took the quiz together.
Sixth Grade–Mrs. Orwig’s class had study hall this week since Mrs. Gradias’ class would be absent due to parent conferences.
Happy Spring Break!  See you in April!


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