News From the Library–March 18, 2103

An Interactive Book…a Real Book!

This week I read Herve Tullet’s amazing book, Press Here.  This is a concept book at its very best and the Kindergartener’s loved it!  I started out telling them that this was an interactive book but it didn’t have a screen or batteries.  I had my iPad next to me and we talked about how much fun it is to touch the screen and have things happen.  But then I asked them if they thought it would be fun if they, not a computer, could make things happen with their own imaginations.  We came up with all the ways that would be an advantage–never needs re-charging, won’t break if you drop it, not very expensive.  And then we started the book.  I wish I could have had a video of the seriousness with which they followed each direction and the total delight on their faces when the page was turned and something happened.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad, but this is one of those books that puts all that electronic wizardry in perspective and makes me convinced that books will never go away.

Also in the Library this week…

Kindergarten–see opening post

First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade–We are almost finished voting for our California Young Reader Medal Winner.  One second grade class is left to vote on Monday so watch for the results next week!

Fourth Grade–After watching a keynote about Bodie, California and talking about the differences between informational text and literature, we read a great book about the boomtowns that appeared in California during the Gold Rush.  Boomtown by Sonia Levitin traces the grown of a town near the gold fields through the eyes of a little girl who starts out baking pies and ends up with a bakery in a bustling town.

Fifth Grade–Fifth graders were in Catalina Island this week for CIMI.

Sixth Grade–Using the advanced search skills they practiced over the last two weeks, sixth graders did a webquest about Ancient Greece that their teacher assigned.


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