News From the Library-March 4, 2013


photo 1

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Fifth Graders celebrated Dr. Seuss this week by watching a new app I got for the iPad.  It’s a story app of The Lorax (one of my favorites) and it displayed stunningly on the new TV.  For this lesson, we did a visible thinking routine called Headlines.  This routine draws on the idea of newspaper type headlines as a vehicle for summing up or capturing the essence of an event, idea or concept.  After seeing the app, students wrote their own headline on a sticky note and pasted it on the whiteboard.  Then they read out their headlines and answered the question,  “What made you write that?” by giving specific references to the book.  Here are two of their headlines:

photo 3

photo 2

Also in the Library this week….

Kindergarten–Using the visible thinking routine Plot Prediction, kindergarteners were surprised to find that the plot in My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza did follow their predictions!  They agreed that usually the fox, or the bear, or the wolf, or the coyote are the “bad guys” in the story but they loved the twist that, in this case, it was the cute little piglet!

First, Second, and Third Grade–We are closing in on voting time for our California Young Reader Medal books.  The excitement is mounting.  Buzz on the street is that it will be a very close race!

Fourth Grade–Fourth graders worked with atlases this week.  Google Earth not withstanding for its wow factor, they found that using an online atlas just isn’t quite a satisfying as using a print atlas.  They agreed that this is one reference book that might not disappear!  Browsing through a print atlas has a very different feel from scrolling through an online atlas.  They also noted the absence of ads in the print atlas–something they liked.  To finish our lesson, they did a worksheet about our own state using the print atlas.

Fifth Grade–see opening post

Sixth Grade–Sixth graders learned advanced google search techniques this week.  By using limiters, they discovered how to hone their searches to get as close as possible to their needs. They learned to search using site, file type, quotation marks, range, plus and minus, define, and also how to highlight their search words in their results. More practice next week!

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