News From the Library-Feb. 25, 2013

The Three Little Pigs App for the iPad

This week Kindergarteners watched and heard The Three Little Pigs App by Nosy Crow.  I chose this app because I wanted students to do the visual thinking routine, Same, Same, Different in order to compare and contrast an app and a book.  This app is one of the best I have used.  For one group, I chose to read the story myself and then use the interactive features.  Usually, this works best when presenting an app to a whole group.  For the second group, I chose to let the app do the reading, and in this case, it was the better way.  One of the nice features of this app is a small, discreet chime that rings after the narrative has been read. This signals the time to use the interactive features.  Following a consistent narrative can be a problem with apps that have, in many cases, way too much interactivity.  Not the case in this one.  The interactive features added a dimension to the story, not a distraction.  When asked to compare, students noted the difference between reading a book and most focused on the ability to touch things and make them move.  Interestingly enough when asked to “vote” which they preferred, the class was split.  About half preferred the eBook, and half liked a “regular” book.

Also in the library this week…

First, second, and third grades continued with the California Young Reader Medal nominees.

Fourth Grade–Mrs. Edwards’ class heard A Taste of Colored Water since they missed it last week due to a field trip.

Fifth Grade-We had fun with a great library scavenger hunt I found on Pinterest.  The class broke into teams of two and had to search for titles with parameters such as, “Find a book with and adjective in the title,” or “Find a book with a feeling in the title.”  The real challenge was that they couldn’t talk to one another while searching.  This was a fun way to get students all over the different sections of the Library.

Sixth Grade–no class due to the President’s Day Holiday

3 comments on “News From the Library-Feb. 25, 2013

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi again!

    Would you mind sharing the link for the scavenger hunt on Pinterest? Sounds like fun!

  2. Thank you for the link! I’ll be trying this with my own fifth graders today after their standardized testing. They’ll be happy to move around.

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