News From the Library–Nov. 19,2012


Balloons Over Broadway

by Melissa Sweet

What a great Thanksgiving treat!  A new book to read to the fifth graders.  This week we read Melissa Sweet’s Balloons Over Broadway, the true story of the orgins of the fabulous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  After viewing a Keynote with slides from past parades, students really enjoyed learning about Tony Sarg, the puppeteer who designed the original parade.  Using their thinking skills of prediction, they figured out, as Sarg did, how to make marionettes large and how to get them above the crowds.  This is a beautiful book with amazing collage illustrations that tell how the parade got started and how it has developed into the traditional and beloved spectacle it is today.

Also in the Library this week… (this was a short with with the holiday and parent conferences)

Kindergarten–We all love Bear in Karma Wilson’s series of wonderful picture books and this week we read Bear Gives Thanks.  The rhyming text and the large wonderful illustrations make this a favorite of mine for a read aloud to this age group.  We used the thinking routine Fluttering Feelings to track how Bear’s feelings changed from the beginning of the story to the end.

Third Grade–Using the thinking routine Plot Prediction, third graders had fun predicting what would happen to the little mouse who just can resist the Thanksgiving leftovers in One Is A Feast For A Mouse by Judy Cox.  The illustrations really make this book!

Next week is a very short week for us, so Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be back to posting in December.


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