News from the Library–Nov. 5, 2012


Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Sixth graders had a good time this week researching ghost sightings.  We watched several videos from the History Channel–one about a haunted restaurant, one about Alcatraz, and one about an unidentified sighting on a surveillance camera in a gas stations.  (Very creepy……)  Then we did a visible thinking routine called Circle of Viewpoints.  Using a worksheet they took the points of view of an eyewitness, a scientist, a religious leader, the family of a supposed ghost, the owner of a haunted building, and the ghost itself!  We had a great discussion about how differently one can look at this kind of question.

Also in the Library (this Halloween) week…..

Kindergarten–We used our iPad this week for the Halloween story/app Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book.  Along with enjoying the story and the interactive ghosts, we talked about how important it is to read or listen to the story first and then go back and do the interactive parts.  Everyone got a turn with the iPad and had a great time.

First Grade–What happens when a little mouse decides to hide in a trick or treat bag?  A tummy ache, that’s for sure.  Judy Cox’s Haunted House, Haunted Mouse is a delightful Halloween tale and gave us lots of chanced to practice our visible thinking routine Plot Prediction.  The full page illustrations make this a wonderful read aloud.

Second Grade–Second Graders heard Reeve Lindberg’s Homer The Library Cat about the little cat who escaped his quiet house only to find the outside world way, way too noise.  Second graders like using their thinking skills to predict what would happen next.  As you can tell from the title, he finally made it to the perfect place for him.

Third Grade-This week third graders heard one of my favorite book apps, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by Moonbot Studios.  This amazing app is by far one of most dazzling displays of this new technology.  We read it together and calmly waited until the narrative on each page was finished before trying out the rather unbelievable interactive features.  This app still sets the highest standard for what a book on the iPad can be.

Fourth Grade–Post Halloween reading in fourth grade was Margie Palatini’s hilarious book, Sweet Tooth.  Poor Stewart is absolutely controlled by a demanding (and speaking) sweet tooth until he finally takes the upper hand.  Funny, fabulously illustrated, this book was a great hit!

Fifth Grade–Fifth graders played their first round of Library Jeopardy this week and had a great time.

Sixth Grade–see opening post.


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