News From the Library-Oct. 22, 2012


Happy Haunted Library!

We are in full Halloween mode in the Library this week!  One of our favorites is Michael Garland’s Miss Smith’s Haunted Library.  Miss Smith is dazzling again with her magic storybook but this time she takes the class to the library down the street and introduces them to Ms. Virginia Creeper, the librarian, who doesn’t remember that she has to finish each story so the characters will return to the book.  Monster after monster escape and chaos reigns until she brings out cookies and juice to tame them. Great connections to other stories made using the visible thinking routine Connections a breeze.  Mr. Garland is at his best with the fantastic illustrations.  A great Halloween read aloud!

Also in the Library this week…

Kindergarten–Kindergarteners were leaving for the pumpkin patch right after their Library time so Erica Silverman’s Big Pumpkin was a great way to start their day.  We used the thinking routine Word Detective to discover lots of new words, our favorite being “DRAT!”  There’s a lovely little message in the book about cooperation and seeing how each member of a team has a value.

First Grade–First graders used their thinking routines Word Detective and Prediction to find the patterns in another of Erica Silverman’s books, Halloween House.  Two convicts escape jail and hide in a creepy old house only to discover it inhabited by all kinds of Halloween creatures.  The rhyming text counts down from ten to none as they go from room to room and finally they decide that going back to jail is a better alternative to staying in the Halloween House!

Second Grade–One of my favorite Halloween books to read aloud is Caryln and Mark Buehner’s A Job for Wittilda.  Our thinking routine this week was Here Comes Trouble and there were plenty of instances in the story for students to recognize the problem for the main character and speculate on how she would solve it.  The illustrations in this book are so detailed and fit perfectly with the story.  And as an added bonus there’s a little parallel storyline with tiny silhouettes of a cat and a mouse scampering across the pages.  All in all, a great book!

Third Grade–see opening post

Fourth Grade–Using the thinking routine Word Detective, fourth graders enjoyed Mark Teague’s One Halloween Night, another of our favorite Halloween books.  There were words galore to figure out.  Wendell, Floyd, and Mona discover “anything can happen on Halloween” in this tale of trick or treating that also has a gentle anti-bullying message.

Fifth Grade–Fifth graders had classroom work to finish this week so some students had a nice quiet library time of reading and checking out books.

Sixth Grade-We played out first round of Library Jeopardy this week and had a great time.



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