News from the Library-Oct. 8, 2012



Spiders have invaded the Library!  This week several classes had fun hearing stories with spiders as the main characters.  Our library is decorated with a huge spider web and it’s become a favorite place to read.

Kindergarten–Kindergarteners heard the classic The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and got to practice their visual thinking skills of observation and prediction.

First Grade–Using the visual thinking routine Same, Same, Different first graders compared two illustrations from Aaaarrgghh Spider!! by Lydia Monks.  They were the same illustration, but one was from a person’s point of view and the other from a spider’s point of view.  Then we went on to read the story (in the spider’s point of view) and they loved how the family  finally became convinced to keep the spider as a pet.

Second Grade–After watching a Keynote presentation about spiders, second graders loved Diary of A Spider, by Doreen Cronin.  We used the visible thinking routine called Circle of Viewpoints to identify that the story is told from the spider’s point of view.  We practiced switching viewpoints and told the diary entries from the other characters’ points of view.

Third Grade–missed Library this week due to an assembly.

Fourth Grade–Using spider books from the non-fiction section, fourth graders reviewed parts of a book by rolling a large “dice” with the parts on it and then showing the group the part they rolled.

Fifth Grade and Sixth Grades–Both classes went on the Great Dewey Hunt this week.  After reviewing the Dewey Decimal System they broke up into partners.  Each team pulled a card out of the hat.  On the card was a challenge.  For example:  Explain football to Mrs. Reid.  They had to find a book, using their knowledge of Dewey, and bring it to me.  The real challenge was that while they were doing this they couldn’t talk!  After each book they found, they chose another card, and the team with the most books found at the end was the winner.

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