News from the Library–Sept. 14, 2012


Sixth graders took on the task of creating a bulletin board what would help the younger kids understand the different genres in our Library and to assist them in finding books with our new genre shelving system.  First we did a Visible Thinking Routine called Chalk Talk.  On the tables were large sheets of paper with the title of a genre in the middle.  With colored pens and no talking (!) students wrote for 5 minutes at each station using words and illustrations to define the genre.  After 5 minutes the groups switched genres and either added to or agreed with what had been written before.  After 4 rotations groups were back to their original paper.  From there they culled the best responses and designed mini posters to go on the bulletin board.

Our finished bulletin board has been used all week by the younger students.  Thanks sixth graders for a great job!


Also in the Library this week….
Kindergarten-Otto the Book Bear has a secret.  He could “escape” from his book and explore the house, reading books, practicing his writing, and having a wonderful time.  That is until his people moved and he was left behind.  So he struck out and found a great new place with lots of new friends….the library.  Kindergarteners did the Visible Thinking Routine called Fluttering Feelings and we talked about how Otto’s feelings changed from the beginning of the book to the end.  Otto the Book Bear is written and illustrated by Katie Cleminson.

First Grade and Second Grade–Keeping library books in good shape can be quite a challenge, especially with backpacks and water bottles.  This week I showed the first and second graders a backpack I’ve made with all kinds of things that are both good and bad for library books.  Then I showed them some of our “casualties.”  (They love this part!)  After that we read Toni Buzzeo’s charming book Penelope Popper, Book Doctor and used a Visible Thinking routine to predict the ending.

Third Grade–no library this week

Fourth Grade–Vicki Myron’s Dewey, There’s a Cat in the Library, is always a crowd-pleaser.  I used a Visible Thinking Routine called 5 minutes Before and 5 minutes After.  First I showed a projected page from the middle of the story and students hypothesized about what could have happened before and after the scene.  They gave evidence to support there ideas.  After reading the book, we reviewed good book cared rules.

Fifth Grade–Mrs. Wooten’s class had their introductory lesson this week since last week was a holiday and Mr. Orr’s class did speed dating for books.  For this lesson, I place several of our new novels on the tables and students did 3 rotations of 5 minutes each “getting to know” the books.  After the last rotation, they could choose a book to have a “long lasting relationship with.”  Students really love to do this and it’s a great way to showcase new books in a short amount of time.

Sixth Grade–see opening post.

4 comments on “News from the Library–Sept. 14, 2012

  1. Margaret Ryan says:

    I love your genre activity. I was looking for an idea to use as a performance assessment for a fifth grade lesson on genre. I think I just found it! Thank you!

  2. Suzanne VanderKlipp says:

    Would you please explain your “Visible Thinking” routines? I am very curious about these. I am also an Elementary School Librarian and I LOVE your posts. Thank you for sharing!

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