News From the Library–April 9, 2012

A Happy Bookworm!

Congratulations to Marin in first grade for being the first bookworm of the year to finish 18 books in our Bookworm Club!!  She is already on her second card and looking forward to reading 18 more!

Also in the Library this week…..

Kindergarten–Homer is a quiet cat who lives with a quiet lady in a quiet house.  But one day he goes outside into the big noisy world by accident and spends the day trying in vain to find a quiet spot.  Homer the Library Cat by Reeve Lindberg was a big hit with Kindergarteners this week as they followed Homer from place to place (and predicted his problems) until he landed in the perfect one–the library where his quiet lady worked!

First Grade–After looking at the cover of Bailey by Harry Bliss, first graders made lots of predictions about who Bailey was and where the story takes place.  We used the thinking routine, “See, Think, Wonder,” to observe details, make predictions, and wonder what the story was about.  If you ever wondered about the proverbial excuse, “The dog ate my homework,” you should take a look at Bailey’s expertise on the subject.  This is a charming book that gave students lots of practice with their thinking skills.

Second Grade–Teaching foreshadowing as a literary device can be tricky but with a book like The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens, it becomes a chance for hilarity.  Second graders loved finding all the places where they could use their thinking routine, “Here Comes Trouble,” as well a discovering all the examples of alliteration in the book.  This is a great read aloud with equally great illustrations.

Third Grade–One of the most enjoyable books to read aloud (from the teacher’s point of view) is Diane Stanley’s Saving Sweetness.  Not only is the story charming, it’s a great example of point of view, using dialog to show character, and how the use of simile and metaphor enhance the listener’s experience of the story.

Fourth Grade–Fourth graders watched a short video on BrainPop about digital etiquette and then took a short quiz.  This provided us with a springboard for a lively discussion about the importance of acting politely and ethically in the digital world.  Our students have access to more and more digital devices and navigating this digital world takes a lot of instruction and guidance in order for them to understand the consequences of their behaviors online.

Fifth Grade–This week fifth graders continued their work on Website Evaluation.  Using sites from our Skills Blog they evaluated accuracy, currency, bias, and authority.  They had fun figuring out which sites were real and which were hoax sites.  What they also came away with is the idea that it can take quite awhile and some diligence to figure out if a website is reliable enough to use for research.  They all agree, “When in doubt…doubt!”

Sixth Grade-Sixth graders continued to work on website evaluation and research skills by using the topic “What dog would make the best pet for me?”  They came up with focus questions, key words, and phrase searches.  Next week they will go to a website and put those to use finding out which dog would be the best match for them.

One comment on “News From the Library–April 9, 2012

  1. Donna Reagan says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and have recommended it to other children’s librarians, especially teacher librarians in the schools. I came upon your site about three years ago while doing research for my educational technology class as a MLIS candidate. The integration of library research skills and literature study applied to each age level as appropriate are tops. Thank you for sharing!

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