News From the Library–Nov. 21, 2011

Bag in the Wind

This week fifth graders listened to a thought-provoking book about recycling.  Bag in the Wind by Ted Kooser and beautifully illustrated by Barry Root tells the circular story of a plastic bag from its beginnings at a landfill, to being in the possession of a little girl, and then moving on to several places and people until ending up back in the possession of that girl with a different purpose.  It’s a great starting point for discussions about banning plastic bags altogether or being aware of the dangers of not disposing of them properly.  It’s a quiet book and the illustrations have a pastel, autumn-like quality that fits perfectly with the text.  We started out our lesson with a visible thinking routine in which I projected slides of birds and marine animals that had become entangled in discarded plastic bags.  After looking at that slide we moved on to one of a landfill, then to a slide with numbers (statistics regarding usage, decomposition times, injured animals).  Students used their observation techniques to look for connections between the images, and then hypothesized about what the numbers meant in relation to the use of plastic bags.  We then read the story and finished with a discussion about how it connected to our own recycling efforts at our school.

Also in the Library this week…

Kindergarten–Laura Numeroff’s books are always a favorite in Kindergarten and this week was no exception with If You Give A Cat a Cupcake.  We had lots of fun using our visible thinking routines, Plot Prediction and making Connections between the beginning of the story and the end.

First Grade and Third Grade–Because of parent conferences this week, we had fun combining first and third grade into one library time.  First we all heard One Is A Feast For a Mouse by Judy Cox, a delightful Thanksgiving Tale that is perfect for a read aloud.  It has exciting illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler that enhance the tale of a little mouse who can’t resist the leftovers of a Thanksgiving Feast.  The repetition and the anticipation of a “disaster” held the interest of both first and third graders.  Third graders helped first graders choose their books and then sat down and read together.  Third graders did a great job of being “ambassadors” for the Library and everyone had a great time!

Second Grade–One of our perennial Thanksgiving favorites is Eve Bunting’s A Turkey for Thanksgiving.  Students were just as surprised (and relieved) as the main character in this story when they found out that the turkey was at the table not on it!

Fourth Grade–no library this week

Fifth Grade–see opening post

Sixth Grade–no library this week


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