News From the Library–October 10, 2011

Dewey Scavenger Hunt


Learning about the Dewey Decimal System may not be the most exciting lesson in Library Skills but it is so valuable to understand how a library is organized.  So to spice it up, we had a Dewey Scavenger Hunt in grades 5 and 6 this week.  Students paired up and got a sheet with all the main Dewey classifications on it.  Then they picked task cards from the hat and tried to locate a book that would help them accomplish a task.  An example would be:  Find a book to help you explain football to Mrs. Reid. (No easy task)  Using the Dewey sheet, students dashed around the non-fiction section searching for books to answer the task on their card.  When they found the book, they put it in their stack on the tables and hurried to take another card and dash off to search again.  The hardest part was that they couldn’t talk during the hunt!  They did a great job and all felt that had a deeper understanding of how the non-fiction section of the Library was organized.  It also makes using the computer catalog look way easier!!

Also in the Library this week…..

Kindergarten–Cat Dreams by Ursula LeGuin provided Kindergarteners with a lovely story with exquisite illustrations and a chance to practice some visual thinking routines.  We predicted what might happen based on careful observation of the illustrations and we talked about the difference between fact and fantasy when the cat began having its typical cat dreams of raining mice, and milk and kibble fountains.  We even came up with some new dreams for the cat.  Fish pillows, anyone?

First Grade–The Library is “crawling” with spiders this week…..books, decorations, and great stories like Aaaargh! Spider by Lydia Monks.  As well as being a very entertaining story, it gave us a chance to talk about point of view.  The poor spider had to try very hard to convince a family that he would make a most delightful pet.

Second Grade–After watching a presentation about spiders, second graders were delighted by Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin.  As well as reinforcing some of the facts they’d just learned about arachnids, we talked about the idea of point of view and they took turns reading diary entries as if they were the spider.

Third and Fourth Grade–To make reviewing parts of a book more fun, we played a kind of Musical Chairs game using a cube with the parts of a book written on each side.  Students sat in a circle and passed the cube while music played.  The student who was holding the cube when the music stopped rolled it and then showed the group his “part” in a non-fiction book about spiders.  We covered all the essentials in a fun and active way.

Fifth and Sixth Grade–see opening post



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