News from the Library–October 3, 2011

Internet Safety

Raising children in today’s world is quite a challenge.  Our library program has several components that address the issue of safe internet use and we have lessons for grade levels 3-6 as part of our curriculum.  In addition, raising cyber-savvy children takes place at home and when students gets both levels of input, school and home, the chances of them being able to navigate safely greatly increases.

There is an excellent website,, that has countless resources for parents.  One of the best is a 22 minute video for parents called Internet Safety Basics and it’s well worth the time to take a look at it.  As well as giving background information on the ever changing world of the internet, it gives many practical ideas for parents to think about when trying to talk about this important topic with their children.  You can find the video at:

In the Library this week

Kindergarten–Kindergarteners heard Move Over, Rover by Karen Beaumont and we had a lot of fun discovering the rhyming words in the story.  Rover has to share his doghouse in a storm and it gets more and more crowded until one rather smelly “guest” appears and they all scatter.  Students had a lot of fun predicting who that guest was going to be.

First Grade–First graders heard Eve Bunting’s charming book, Our Library, about a group of animals who save their library by convincing a grumpy old beaver to let them move it to his land.  We used a visual thinking routine to pick out the best place for the new library and students had some great ideas and backed them up with specific reasons.

Second Grade–In Michael Garland’s Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook, the main character, Zack, thinks the new school year will be just as boring as the last one until Miss Smith, his new teacher arrives with her magical book.  As she begins to read, the class is transported into each story with some hilarious results when they don’t finish one story before starting the next.  This is a wonderful way to illustrate to children how books and stories can take them to other worlds in their minds.  We also used a visual thinking route to discuss how Zack’s feelings changed from the beginning of the story to the end.

Third Grade–It’s a big day in the library when third graders learn how to use our computer catalog to find books.  After going over the ways to find fiction, picture books, and non-fiction, they eagerly dashed to the computers and felt as if they were on a treasure hunt for books.

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grades–We reviewed the use of the computer catalog this week and students were given an introduction of the Battle of the Books event which will be held in the Spring.  This gives students a head start on that list of 30 books.  To see the list please go to:

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