News From the Library–Jan. 17, 2011

Our very first Bookworm for 2011

Book Clubs Have Started in the Library!

This week our ever popular Library Book Clubs have started.  These Clubs are one of my favorite projects each year and I love seeing the love of reading blossom.  Each Club has it’s own rules but the most important rule for all the clubs is to have fun reading!  Library Book Clubs are voluntary and books are chosen at a student’s independent reading level so that reading for the Book Clubs is a pleasurable and relaxing experience.  This also builds confidence and fluency as the children have the opportunity to practice the reading skills they have learned in the classroom.

Grades 1 and 2 are the Bookworm Club.  Members read books from our Easy and Beginning Reader section.  After taking the book home, or keeping it in their desk at school, and after reading the entire book, members make an appointment with Mrs. Reid to read their favorite page either before school, at any recess, after school, or during their library time. Each time a book is finished it is entered on their “official” log and a sticker is awarded.  After each 6 books are read, members can choose a special prize.

Grade 3 is the Red Dot Book Club, so named for the red dots on the spines of many books in our collection that are especially chosen for readers who are ready to read chapter books.  After reading a “red dot book,” members write a book report, do a multimedia project using their laptop, or post a video book review on our blog.  After completing a book report or a project, members can choose a special prize.

Grade 4 is the Mystery Book Club and members choose from the wide array of mysteries in our Library.  Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books are among the all time favorites for this club.  To report on their books, members have several options from writing a book report to doing a multimedia project to posting a video book review on our blog.  After completing a project, members can choose a special prize.

(Instead of book clubs, students in Grades 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in Battle of the Books.  Practice meetings will begin in February.  Watch future Wednesday Words for more details.)

In each Library Class this week, we went over the rules for the clubs and many enthusiastic readers left with books in hand!

Kindergarteners enjoyed another adventure of Tacky the Penguin in Tacky Goes to Camp by Helen Lester.  Combine s’mores with ghost stories and a bear and you have a hilarious story that once again proves that Tacky is an odd bird but a good bird to have around.

Fifth and Sixth graders had a lesson on website evaluation.  Using our skills blog we worked together evaluating two different web sites about the planets.  Our criteria included accuracy, currency, authority, sponsorship (domain), and purpose.  It is so important for students to learn these critical thinking skills as the information on the internet has become so profuse.  Our motto is:  When in doubt, doubt!

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