News from the Library–Nov. 1, 2010

A Week of (somewhat) Scary Stories

This week we had a great time in our haunted Library reading scary stories.  Over the years I’ve fine tuned our collection of Halloween stories and have just the right level of “scariness” for each grade level.  We darkened the room, sat by the fire, and had fun hearing creepy tales.

Kindergarten–The only mildly scary part in Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson is when all the animals band together to save the witch from become lunch for dragon.  This is a great rhyming story and just the right level for Kindergarteners.

First Grade–How scary would it be to discover you had your sister’s ballerina costume by accident?  Well, pretty scary for Gilbert who wanted to be a Martian Space Pilot.  First graders love seeing how Gilbert makes the best of the situation in Diane DeGroat’s Trick or Treat Smell My Feet.

Second Grade–Big bad wolves, scary pig monsters???  When the sole surviving member of the three little pigs is lonely and decided to make a new friend he means just that.  He makes Porkenstein in his lab only to find that Porkenstein eats everything…..but that turns out to be a blessing in disguise when the Big Bad Wolf comes trick-or-treating.  A happy Halloween and new BFFs is the perfect ending for Porkenstein by Kathryn Lasky and illustrated with great style by David Jarvis.

Third Grade–Getting a little creepier here….Marjorie Dennis Murray’s Halloween Night is a fabulous take off on the Night Before Christmas and what really makes this story are the fantastic illustrations by Brandon Dorman.  All kinds of creepy Halloween characters throw a buffet on Halloween night that turns out just a little too scary for trick-or-treaters.

Fouth Grade–Esteban and the Ghost by Sybl Hancock is a story I read each year to the fourth graders and it’s always a hit.  Esteban meets the challenge of spending the night in a haunted castle and ends up dealing with a ghost, a robbery, St. Peter, and a midnight deadline.  This is a delightful folktale with just enough of the spooky to make it fun.

Fifth Grade–Bruce Coville’s Duffy’s Jacket is part of collection of spooky stories  called appropriately Spooky Stores for a Dark and Stormy Night, edited by Alice Low.  This is one of those perfect read aloud stories with great suspenseful rhythm and an ending that combines a scare and a laugh.  Perfect for fifth graders.

Sixth Grade–Who better than R.L. Stine to write a scary Halloween story?  Part of the above mentioned collection, The Surprise Guest is a little “darker” and tells the story of a haunted Halloween costume.  I’m sure each sixth grader took a look inside their costume before wearing it to our Fall Festival today.

Happy Halloween!

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