News From the Library–Oct. 25, 2010

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Getting Ready for Halloween

Students loved Michael Garland’s Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook so they were delighted to hear how Miss Smith and her class got ready for Halloween in Miss Smith’s Haunted Library.   Third graders first saw the little video I made on animoto and then were treated to the story  as Miss Smith takes her class to the Library where they meet the librarian, Miss Virginia Creeper.  When Miss Creeper starts ready scary stories from the Incredible Storybook all sorts of monsters fill the Library.  It gets pretty scary until she brings out cookies and cider and they begin to party instead of scaring everyone.  Once again the illustrations make this a perfect read aloud book and the message is how wonderful books are and the joys reading can bring.

Also in the Library this week…

Kindergarten–Kindergartens were off to the pumpkin patch this week so in preparation they heard Erica Silverman’s Big Pumpkin. When a witch wants to make pumpkin pie she plants a pumpkin seed but when the pumpkin grows so large she can’t get it off the vine she gets lots of suggestions from Dracula, a mummy, and a  ghost.  Finally along comes a little bat who had the idea that if they all cooperated and worked together they could get that pumpkin.  A fun story with the message that sometimes brain trumps brawn  and cooperation can achieve desired goals.

First Grade–It’s always great to find a delightful book with an engaging story and a learning opportunity to boot.  In Halloween House, also by Erica Silverman, two escaped convicts hide in a haunted house only to find it filled with vampire bats, ghosts, skeletons, mummies and various other Halloween favorites.  After spending a harrowing night, they decide that returning to jail is a good idea.  In the rhyming text, students also get to count down from 10 to 1.

Second Grade–A Halloween take-off of This is the House that Jack Built, Judy Sierra’s This is the House that Drac Built is one of our favorite Halloween books.  Fabulous illustrations with hints on what’s coming next make this one of the most engaging read alouds I’ve used.  The repetition in the storyline really tickles the students and once they catch on,  they love seeing how much they can remember from page to page.

Third Grade–see opening post

Fouth Grade–Even fourth graders love to be read to and this week they heard Michael Teague’s One Halloween Night.  Once again, this is a great book to read aloud to a group because the story is engaging and the illustrations just perfect.  This is another adventure of Wendell, Mona, and Floyd and they find that the Halloween costumes they weren’t too excited about wearing turn out to be pretty magical after all.  As Mona says,  “Anything can happen on Halloween.”  And in this case, it did!  If you want to go beyond the story with this book, it’s a great opening to discussions about bullying.

Fifth and Sixth Grade–We had our first round of  “Library Jeopardy” this week.  This is a fun way to learn some of the more boring aspects of the library and is always a great hit with students.  Having to come up with a question instead of the answer can be a little frustrating at first for fifth graders but once they get the hang of it they really get into the game.  Here’s one for you–Answer: The first name of the man who invented the number system for putting non-fiction books in order on the shelves.  Give up?  Question:  Who is Melvil?

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