News from the Library–September 27, 2010

Mr. Dewey and Dewey the Cat

This week Fourth Graders learned about the Dewey Decimal System and how it works in our Library.  Then we had the treat of reading Vicki Byron’s delightful book, Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library.  Students loved the charming true story of the little kitten who was deposited in the book drop in an Iowa public library and went on to become the “library cat.”

Also in the Library this week….

Kindergarten–Even though our Kindergarteners are “old hands” now after a week of school, they could understand Vera’s troubles in Vera’s First Day of School by Vera Rosenberry.  Even though she thought she wouldn’t be nervous on her first day of Kindergarten, Vera gets cold feet and returns home.  After being discovered hiding under her bed by her mother, she goes back with her mother and has a wonderful day.

First Grade–Sometimes it’s hard when your best friend wants you to do something mischievous and even though you know it’s wrong, you go along with it.  That’s the story of Hunter, in Laura Eliot’s Hunter’s Best Friend.  First graders could really relate to Hunter’s problem and loved it when Hunter convinced his best friend Stripe to go along with him and copy good behavior.  This is one of those great books that has a message but lets the actions of the characters tell it.

Second Grade–Second graders heard Goldiesocks and the Three Liberians by Jackie Mims Hopkins this week and reviewed the “five finger rule” on how to pick out books that are just right for them.  This is a skill that students need to learn and practice and it helps them become independent and lifelong library users.  Each student got a special bookmark with Goldie on it so they could remember the five finger rule.

Third Grade–Michelle Knudsen’s delightful book Library Lion never fails to be a hit in the Library.  The story is exciting and has an interesting message–that sometimes it’s a good idea to break the rules.  Adding to the charm of the books are the wonderful illustrations by Kevin Hawkes.

Fourth Grade–see opening post.

Fifth Grade–After seeing a Keynote presentation about the city of Basra, Iraq and actual pictures of the destroyed library there, fifth graders heard The Librarian of Basra by Jeanette Winter.  This is the inspirational story of Alia Baker who saved thousands of books from being destroyed during the bombing of Basra.  She hid the books in her house and the houses of her friends and saved almost seventy percent of the library’s collection.  We had an interesting discussion about the reasons for the war in Iraq and students were hopeful that Miss Winter would be okay and a new library would be built.

Sixth Grade–Sixth grade was at Astro Camp this week.

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