News From the Library–May 10,2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

To get ready for Mother’s Day First graders heard Berkeley Breathed’s Mars Needs Moms.  The spectacular illustrations and the dramatic story quite literally held them spellbound.  I’m sure they could relate to Milo’s dilemma in that it seemed like his mom was only a “broccoli bully” or a “carrot cuddler” until she’s kindnapped by Martians where they need those moms to do all the things those moms do best.  Milo not only rescues her but understands that his mom will love him to the ends of the universe.  This is a great story to read aloud!

Kindergarten–If you were a piglet, would you like to have a babysitter named…..Mrs. Wolf?  In Mr and Mrs. Pig’s Evening Out by Mary Rayner,  Mrs. Pig is distacted by her preparations and doesn’t notice that the babysitter sent by the agency has long hairy legs and a twitching tale.  She even suggests she eat something if she’s hungry.  Kindergartener’s loved being able to predict what might happen but were mighty relieved when the piglets saved their brother Garth from being Mrs. Wolf’s snack.  Mrs. Wolf wasn’t seen again for a long time.  (Or at least until next week.  Stay tuned for Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady……)

First Grade–see opening post.

Second Grade–When Martha, the dog,  eats alphabet soup in Susan Meddauagh’s Martha Calling, the letters go to her head instead of her stomach!  After driving her owners crazy with all her talking, Martha finally stops.  But when a burglar attemps to rob the house, someone named Martha calls 911.  After that, according to her grateful family, she can talk all she wants!  Seconds graders truly enjoy the humor of this story.

Third Grade-One of my favorite books to read aloud is Susan Meddaugh’s Hog Eye.  It’s also a great way to teach irony as many times the pictures and the story don’t exactly match.  But it’s the hysterically funny way in which the little pig (supposedly) outwits the wolf that has both my students and me in stitches.  They never forget the curse of hog-eye….especially the last line.

Fourth Grade–Fourth graders really enjoyed using the atlas to find state symbols and then find them in a word search.  This lesson teaches the value of an index and how to use it.  As students found symbols, I pulled up pictures for them on my laptop.  They enjoyed seeing flora and fauna that we don’t have here in California.

Fifth Grade–Fifth grade missed library this week due to STAR testing.

Sixth Grade–Sixth graders finished their report on their god or goddess and printed them out so they can be displayed with the beautiful ceramic plates they have made at our annual Art Faire on June 3 .  One paragraph is their essay was about what their god or goddess would think of our world today and the responses were fascinating!  Many felt that their god or goddess would be unhappy with how we’ve cared for the world and urged more concern for the environment.

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