News From the Library–April 12, 2010

Ribsy by Beverly Cleary

A Video Book Review by Devan and Olive

Also in the Library this week…..

Kindergarten—Kindergarteners know what it means to fidget and when I asked them to they did a great job showing me.  That was a warm up for reading Erica Silverman’s delightful book Don’t Fidget A Feather.  Duck and Gander have a freeze in place contest that turns very dramatic as Fox decides they would make a delicious dinner.  Even though Duck loses the freeze in place contest she is the true champion for saving Gander’s life.  This is a gentle reminder of the value of friendship and the fact that winning takes many forms.

First Grade—Henry is some smart Siamese in Mary Calhoun’s series about Henry the Cat.  These books always have a dramatic story line that captures the imagination of first graders.  These are great stories to read aloud to primary aged children.  Mrs. Steele’s class heard High Wire Henry and Mrs. Ishikawa’s class heard Henry the Sailor Cat.

Second Grade—What happens when a green fuzzy tennis ball slips down into the burrow of some prairie dogs?  The Great Fuzz Frenzy!  This delightful book by Janet Stevens and wonderfully illustrated by Susan Stevens Crummel is a hilarious tale of curiosity, greed, rescue, and finally community.  Another fantastic read aloud!

Third Grade—One of the best ways to teach about literary devices is to read great examples.  My favorite for similies and metaphors is Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley.  Poor little Sweetness is an orphan living in an orphanage run by Mrs. Sump who is “as mean as an acre of rattlesnakes.”  When she “hits the road” the Sheriff has to rescue her.  The ensuing tale is full of irony and loaded with similies with an ending that pleased everyone.  Stay tuned for next week and the sequel, Raising Sweetness.

Fourth Grade—Fourth graders put on their thinking caps this week and were captivated by Jon Sciezka’s wonderful book, Math Curse.  When Mrs. Fibonacci tells the main character that everything is like a math problem—well, the problems begin.  Together we solved them all only to find that Mr. Newton thinks everything could be seen as a science experiment!

Fifth Graders—Fifth graders had fun this week doing a “Book Hunt” in the library.  I put call numbers on index cards for fiction and non fiction books and after drawing two cards for our hats, students have to find them, make a stack, and put their cards inside.  I explained that if they can find books in our library using the call numbers they will be able to find books in any library—a valuable skill.  In addition, they had a good time trying to beat their friends!

Sixth Grade—Ms. Zannon’s class missed library this week due to an assemble and Mrs. Gradias’ class played “Name That Book” to review reference books.


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