News From the Library–3/22/10

And the winner is….

Voting for the California Young Reader medal concluded this week and the winner for Cold Spring School is Millie Waits For the Mail by Alexander Steeffensmeier.  This delightful book tickled the funnybone of many a student with it’s hilarious story of a cow who loved to scare the mailman.  The illustrations played a huge part in the popularity of this book.  Our votes will now to sent to Sacramento to be counted with all the other students in California and results of the state’s winner are usually available in May.

Kindergarten–Kindergarteners enjoyed another adventure with Walter (from No Jumping On the Bed) and William in No More Water in the Tub by Tedd Arnold.  This time William, Walter’s little brother, takes a rollicking adventure down the floors of their apartment building when the bathtub gets loose from the wall.  The rhyming aspect of this story is great fun for Kindergarteners and we all enjoyed coming up with further adventures of William in his bathtub.

First Grade–Mrs. Steele’s class heard Steven Kellogg’s The Missing Mitten Mystery and enjoyed trying to figure out what had happened to Annie’s mitten.  Mrs. Ishikawa’s class heard their last CYRM nominee, Do Unto Otters, and cast their votes.

Second Grade–365 Penguins by Jena Luc Fromental is a great read aloud in so many ways.  First, its size.  This is a large book!!  Then there are the graphic illustrations, followed by the math problems.  And to top it off, it’s a great story that points to the effects of climate change!  All in all, a great success with second graders.

Third Grade–To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day third graders heard Eve Bunting’s That’s What Leprechauns Do, a delightful story about a trio of mischief makers.

Fourth Grade–Several years ago I went to the town of Bodie in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and took several pictures of the famous ghost town.  I showed the fourth graders a Keynote I made with the slides and then we read Sonia Levitan’s book Boom Town. It was interesting to compare the book with the slides from Bodie and to discuss what happened to many towns in California once the mines no long produced ore.  This book is based on the true story of a girl who made a fortune baking pies for the miners and how a town built up around the needs of the men who came looking for gold.  Many of them, Levi Strauss being the most famous, ended up making a lot more money than those prospectors!

Fifth Grade–Mrs. Wooten’s class played a game of library Jeopardy and Mrs. Weill’s class missed library this week as they were on Catalina Island at the Marine Institute.

Sixth Grade–I’ve been trying to read to the sixth graders at least once every six weeks or so and this week I chose to read them The Butterfly by Patricia Polocco.  After setting the stage for the story with a discussion of the resistance movements during World War II, students heard the true story of Ms. Polocco’s great aunt and her family who hid a Jewish girl in their home just outside Paris.  The dramatic story is filled with lovely symbolism and a post script that really makes a touching point.  Highly recommended picture book for older readers.

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